“Eliminate 99.9% Hydrogen sulfide from Fuel Gas”

Introducing the world’s largest capacity plant scale H2S Absorber using HiGee Technology. having an impressive Gas to Liquid ratio of < 1:1.9 and is 30 times smaller in height as compared to trayed columns leading to miniaturization and process intensification

Trayed Column

  • With a quick start-up time < 1 minute it is ready for its highest capacity performance at the press of a button. The H2S Absorption results can be adjusted as per requirement still maintaining a removal efficiency > 99.9% (for a full range of gas flow rate).
  • It has been designed as a low-speed machine, hence wear and tear of moving parts is reduced. This allows for a very long duty cycle between shutdowns. And even the Shutdown/overhaul period does not exceed more than four (4) days.
  • It has been built as per ASME code and already been approved by 3rd party inspection agencies at various stages of construction. The material of construction (MOC) is of grade SS316 and can hence handle highly caustic gases and liquids. The HiGee system can also be manufactured in other suitable materials as required.
  • In today’s highly eco-sensitive environment the removal of toxic Hydrogen Sulphide is mandatory, and its removal contributes to lesser acid rains and pollution.


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